Monday, December 20, 2010

Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn, Asheville N C: A Unique and Fun Christmas or New Year's Eve Party Theme

It was the very first time I have ever heard of this as a Christmastime or New Year's Eve Party theme. Whether you're in the Montford Historic District at a bed and breakfast in Asheville, or just about anywhere, you too may be looking for a new and amusing theme for your party at home. OK. Would you believe, a "Christmas Tree Skirt Party"!? It just could be the start of a long and lighthearted tradition!

Asheville, North Carolina is a very creative town with many artists and is famous for producing 'the unexpected'. So, here's something to add to the list of the 'unexpected'....why not a "Christmas Tree Skirt Party"!? Everyone must wear a Christmas Tree Skirt to the party...that includes the guys, too. Don't worry,if you think about it, there are lots of ways to adorn yourself with a Christmas Tree Skirt. It could be over both shoulders as a out Superman and WonderWoman or even Elvis! Or draped over one shoulder and tied under the other. Or, let's not forget ladies, as a skirt, tied around your waist. And who won't want to recreate the 70s with the largest bell-bottoms, with a tree skirt tied about knee-height on each leg?

Relaxing and letting your imagination go with this is fun. After all, you would not necessarily have to use a traditional 'store-bought' tree skirt. Sports can provide a huge number of design possibilities! And who wouldn't look a perfection with a tree skirt adorned with their favorite college football or NFL colors and emblems? And let's not forget basketball team colors and logos. Or how about NASCAR stars and colors? Or your favorite 'superheroes and heroines'?

You can start with a actual tree skirt ...or with some glue, some fabric and felt and some glitter pens from the nearest hobby supply store...that will get you on your way to creating the most unique (or possibly humorous) 'tree skirt' at your neighborhood party.

Surely the "Christmas Tree Skirt Party" could also include awarding various prizes (voted on by your guests) for "most" something: like "cute" or "unique" or "elegant" or "silly" or even "ugly"! And the party table decor could also include simple paper decorations that also look like tree skirts...the possibilities are almost endless. So, if you're looking for a new and fun holiday party tradition...Start one this year with your own "Christmas Tree Skirt Party"!

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