Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Super Bowl and Asheville Go Well Together:Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn, Asheville NC

Oh yes! NFL Playoffs are beginning and it's time to start planning for your Super Bowl XLV watching event. And this year, why not plan to watch it on Sunday, February 6th, 2011 at Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn!

I'll bet you're thinking, 'Why would a luxurious bed and breakfast inn in the Montford Historic District of Asheville North Carolina be a great place to watch the Super Bowl? What do they have that will make it new and different?' Good questions. And we have good answers. The answers are, "BIG TVs" and "HiDef".

Yup, we have flat screen TVs in all our rooms and suites, but this year we have 2 Suites that have great TVs for Super Bowl watching. The 500 square-foot Kensington Garden Suite has been renovated recently to include a king bedroom, marble baths with whirlpool, two fireplaces and a comfortable sitting/media room with a 55" LED HD 3-D TV plus a Blu-ray disc player. It also has DVR feature so you can control the ads...Some people love and look forward to the flashy new ads that are aired for the first time every year during the Super Bowl. Some of those ads are really brilliant each year...So you can watch them, too...or not. And the huge Super Bowl half-time show can be a really incredible extravaganza... (and occasionally really controversial!)

Or, book the Eaton Square Suite, a spacious 750 square-foot suite in our Carriage House that includes a comfortable sitting room, dining area, a full kitchen, 2 king bedrooms, custom bath with double whirlpool and includes 3 TVs...and one is a 42" Plasma TV with HiDef and DVR plus a DVD/VCR player.

It's definitely true that our Asheville bed and breakfast is not going to be the venue for a wild, mess-up-the-place party. It will never be 'wild' or 'messy' here, of that you can be sure. But we also assume that you don't like (or have) those parties, either. So if something more subdued where you can enjoy great football and the company of your friends, where the game, the show, the ads and something good to eat is what you have in mind, then Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn could just be your answer to a great evening of football!

Book either Kensington Garden Suite or Eaton Square Suite to include Sunday night, February 6th. Enjoy all the fun of Asheville NC for the weekend, then enjoy the big game on Sunday evening. Get some friends to join in, too...after all, if you've booked either of the TV Suites, your friends can book other rooms or suites here at Abbington Green and can join you for the Big Game on February 6th, 2011! (We'll also be happy to help you arrange a casual catered party meal, if you wish.) And, oh yes, lavish breakfast the next morning is included, served on crystal and china Monday, right at 9am... (or, if you choose, Continental-breakfast-to-go...just this once!)

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