Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Asheville Bed and Breakfast Garden Feels the Rustle of Spring

Sometimes it's so difficult...trying not to become too excited in the anticipation of Spring. Even if we grew up in a large city, far from the nearest field or farm...even if you never even went to camp in the summer...I think we can all feel the first rustle of Spring.

Spring is the perfect metaphor for rebirth, for youth, for renewal, for revitalization. The Earth begins to shake off the chill, the gray and the snows of Winter. The first hints of what is to come begin to show themselves.

Everyone can feel like a gardener or garden enthusiast when you walk through our bed and breakfast gardens in Asheville's Montford Historic District. Large trees with at least a hundred years on them are still all around. Most don't yet show signs of Spring, but soon they will experience another...that would be more than 100 times.

Meanwhile, closer to the ground daffodils and 'Star of Bethlehem' and crocuses have pushed their green shoots up through the mulch. The yellow daffodil buds is beginning to show.Two inches, four inches, some are six inches out of the ground, taking advantage of every warm minute of the Asheville sunshine. Why it was 70 degrees yesterday!

So have a look at the first faint rustle of Spring in your neighborhood. And don't forget to consider Asheville, North Carolina and Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn for a short respite and a look at early Spring here!

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