Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Supports Success for Local Farms

In the Asheville area, this Bed and Breakfast is pleased to have access to many local farms and farmers' markets...that means great food available in the community! Benefits of locally grown vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs are becoming understood and sought after more and more. Local businesses are supported. The environment benefits because the food is transported a short distance, rather than thousands of miles. The food that you and your family eat is fresh. And the farmers are your neighbors. Big 'wins' for everyone!

This Saturday, near downtown Asheville NC, you can visit the "Meet Your Farmer, Community Supported Agriculture Fair" from 2-6pm. You can learn about farm "share" programs and sample products from more than 15 farms in the local Asheville area.

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs promotes "subscriptions" in which shareholders get regular, usually weekly, boxes of produce, eggs, meat or other farm products throughout the season. Farmers benefit from the advance subscriptions and consumers benefit by regular availability of truly fresh local food!

Local farms may be located near your home, too. But if you're in Asheville this weekend, this bed and breakfast is happy to suggest that you drop by the "Meet Your Farmer CSA Fair" program on Saturday to taste and to learn more about the program!

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