Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Asheville Bed and Breakfast Understands Travelers

On a recent trip, where I drove eight hours to get to my destination, I was reminded once again what it's like to be a traveler. We have all the great directions, mapping programs and GPS these days, but if this trip is your first time to your particular destination, there's always an element of anticipation or even surprise...and we hope it's surprise 'in a good way', but you may still be a little unsure about that.

The weather will have an effect. If it rains or storms while you're in transit, it will (and for safety, it should) slow down your journey.Whether you're driving or flying, the journey will not be the same as you planned when it rains or snows.And getting there will probably be a whole lot less fun. So you take a deep breath and try to remain cool...after all, this is supposed to be a vacation. It's supposed to be fun.

And of course, if you're driving, have you ever taken a trip where you didn't see those ever-present orange cones and signs that construction is on your road? Some people have joked in the past that the construction cone should be the official "state tree" in a number of states! Is there a closed shoulder on the road? Is there a detour?What does that mean? Probably more delays. Take another deep breath and try to remain cool...after all, this is supposed to be vacation. It's supposed to be fun.

So as you finally arrive in Asheville NC, and make your way to your destination at Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn, I can promise you some well-deserved good news. Your room will be ready for you to relax and catch up on the comfort your are looking forward to.Your whirlpool tub and the king size bed will be waiting. We will welcome you with genuine enthusiasm and friendliness.

So whether your journey to Asheville was sunny and fair or not: We get it. We understand what it took to get here. We know you want to relax and that sometimes the most relaxing vacation "schedule" is not to have one. Take another deep breath...and this time you can actually relax...after all, this is supposed to be vacation. It's supposed to be fun....and Asheville, with all its art and food and mountains, really is fun! Our "bit of Britain" here in Asheville awaits you. See you shortly!

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