Thursday, April 7, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Invites Everyone to Arbor Day on April 9th

Some of you may be thinking about visiting Asheville, NC this weekend...some of you may be thinking about moving to Asheville in the future...some of you already live here... Come meet "new friends" for an Arbor Day Project that will benefit lots of people now and into the future. Oh, yes, this will also require a little good, old-fashioned exercise!

This Asheville bed and breakfast is sure that this will be a great way to feel really good about 1. celebrating Arbor Day on April 9th, 2. beautifying an area that will be enjoyed long into the future by lots of people, visitors and residents alike and 3. meeting other folks who value beauty and history and will work that day to help make this project happen!

The Arbor Day Celebration here in Asheville, on Saturday, April 9th, will gather people together volunteering to plant trees...lots and lots of trees at the Aston Park Tennis Center. Many old trees have come down over time, so planting shade trees will contribute to the beauty and comfort of everyone who uses the Park.So consider dropping by from 11am-1pm and then stay for some refreshments.

Don't really know how to plant a tree? No to worry. Sponsors of this event include Asheville Green Works, the Asheville Tree Commission, Asheville Parks and Recreation and others. Arborists and landscapers will also be there to help, give guidance, and supply tools. So come on over! Help plant oak trees, linden, maple, serviceberry and cedars while you meet neighbors, future neighbors or committed visitors! Y'all come and stay at our Asheville bed and breakfast, and celebrate Arbor Day at Aston Park!

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