Thursday, April 21, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Smiles Because It Looks Like a Gorgeous Easter Weekend

You hear a lot about the weather from our Asheville bed and breakfast. And there are several reasons for that. One is that we want travelers to have a safe and fun journey on their way into Asheville, North Carolina...and that is much more likely if the weather you encounter is fair, or at least not stormy. If you're driving up the mountain to get here or flying into Asheville, fair weather is better!

Second, Asheville has so many varied things to do once you arrive...and good weather (ie, not too stormy) can add greatly to your enjoyment. Lively outdoor activities or just strolling along to window shop in Downtown Asheville are enhanced if "Mother Nature" is in a cooperative mood!

Third, especially as a person who appreciates gardens, wandering around outdoors whether it's at our Asheville bed and breakfast English-style gardens or just about anywhere around town, part of your vacation should also include 'not being in a hurry'. And that's a lot more fun in good weather.

This Easter weekend starting tomorrow, it looks like "Mother Nature" will indeed be on your side. The flowers, the air, perhaps church on Sunday after breakfast at out Asheville bed and breakfast, perhaps a visit to Biltmore Estate with its' "Festival of Flowers"can all be expected to occur in very warm and very fine weather. See you shortly!

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