Friday, April 15, 2011

Asheville's Orange Peel Venue, Just Minutes Away from our Asheville Bed an d Breakfast, meets "Rockabilly" Wanda Jackson

Yes, Asheville is lucky again. And our Asheville bed and breakfast lines up with so many in Asheville to applaud the variety of big names that make their way to Asheville's Orange Peel to very appreciative crowds of all ages.

This Sunday, April 17th is no exception. Wanda Jackson, was on the recording charts in the 1950s (along with her boyfriend Elvis Presley). She's still going strong. And we know that if you said, "Everybody loves rock and roll", you'd be right almost all the time.

In a time when the recording world and performing world were filled with names like Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and, of course Elvis, Wanda Jackson was touring almost year round and building her career. And here we are all these years later, and she's still having fun with old music and new.

So plan to stay with us at our Asheville bed and breakfast this weekend and on Sunday head Downtown to the Orange Peel at 8pm to see Wanda Jackson. Very likely she'll "knock your socks off"!

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