Thursday, June 30, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Likes Baseball And The 4th of July

It's just about here! And our Asheville bed and breakfast always loves the birthday party for America...the 4th of July weekend! This year, since the 4th falls on Monday, we hope you'll be here in Asheville so that you can experience the fireworks on Sunday and then come on out to the baseball games on Monday and Tuesday for, yes, more fireworks!

America's pastime, baseball, is a real treat here in Asheville. The farm-team for the Colorado Rockies is Asheville's favorite team. Called the 'Asheville Tourists', the ball club has a really great venue. McCormick Field is an historic field, dating back to 1928 that has been recently updated so the whole experience is fun, fun, fun. And after the games on both Monday and Tuesday, fireworks are on tap for the end of the evening!

Fireworks, baseball, more fireworks, more baseball, more fireworks!Yes, this Asheville bed and breakfast likes that line-up! We think you will, too!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Likes Fireworks For July 4th Weekend!

Asheville is getting ready to say, "Happy Birthday, America" this weekend. At this Asheville bed and breakfast, we are, too! And one of my favorite things about July 4th weekend is that lots of fireworks are involved!

On Sunday, July 3rd, starting at 4pm, the Memorial Stadium is the venue for games, food, music and then fireworks at dark.

On Monday July 4th, the Asheville Tourists, the local baseball farm team for the Colorado Rockies will hear the familiar shout of, "Play ball!" The games are wonderful fun and you can count on a reasonable price and a great view of it all. And at the end of the game there will be more colorful, glorious fireworks! It will be a glorious "Happy Birthday, America" celebration for all!

And on Tuesday, the Asheville Tourists are set for another home baseball game... followed by, you guessed it!... more fireworks!

Our Asheville bed and breakfast wishes you a splendid 4th of July celebration, and we hope you'll spend it with us here! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Serving You Breakfast, Says Asheville Bed and Breakfast, Is Both Elegant and Organic!

Here in Asheville we are fortunate to be surrounded by many local farms. They provide organic and sustainably produced eggs, milk products, poultry and meats as well as fruits and vegetables. So you can just imagine the bounty at all the many tail-gate farmers markets in the Asheville area are a popular spot for locals as well as visitors.

At our Asheville bed and breakfast, I believe that you deserve an outstanding breakfast each morning. And it will not only be elegant, served on crystal and china that reflect the "bit of Britain close to home" that is our theme, but also it will be made from substantially organic ingredients.

Why organic? Why does it matter enough to justify spending so much more to get all those organic products? Are not the "conventional" products just as good? Well, I have to say that I would have asked the same questions a couple of years ago. The answers now are that, no, many conventional products may incorporate unnecessary or harmful chemicals including antibiotics and growth hormones and pesticides... so generally, we'd be better off avoiding them when we can. And yes, the organic products are more our Asheville bed and breakfast is happy to emphasize serving you the best of the best!

And my breakfast philosophy, if you call it that, is that we provide something more akin to a lovely brunch each morning. It consists of several courses, chef's choice each day. It might also include something unexpected like a salad with an organic dressing along side the main course. It often includes a lovely piece of cake along side the fruit course. And on a busy day, in a setting very much like Thanksgiving Day dinner, you'll find people talking, relaxing, eating well at the start of a lovely day in Asheville! (Of course, we are also happy to do our best to accommodate any dietary restrictions our guests may we always ask about that in advance of our guests' arrival).

So we hope you'll visit our Asheville bed and breakfast soon. And when you do, your breakfast will be both elegant and organic!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Happy Father's Day From This Asheville Bed and Breakfast!

Yes, today's the day. Father's Day. The day when, at our Asheville bed and breakfast, and across the country, we honor the Dads in our lives. If you're lucky, this is the day when you give a hug, a slap on the back to the guy who has been your "Rock of Gibralter" when you really needed it. If you're far away and can't deliver that hug in person then a call or a note will be gratefully received, you can be sure. And if your Dad is no longer with us, then remembering him is a great thing, too.

And yes, I did mention Dads in the plural. That's because you don't necessarily have to have sired a child to be an extra-special provider, protector, comforter, baseball-buddy, teach-you-how- to-drive-a-stick-shift kind of other words, perform the many varied roles of a "Dad". We salute all of you 'surrogate' Dads, too. You've made a huge difference in a child's life!

And not to forget the women...mothers, grandmothers, aunts and dear friends who are often called upon to fill the roles of a Dad, as well. Not always wished for, but always undertaken, these women have stepped up to the plate when a child needs it.

Happy Father's Day from our Asheville bed and breakfast...we especially salute all of you today and hope you enjoy your special day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cheers from Asheville Bed and Breakfast For Asheville Theater This Weekend

Lots of theater this weekend for your enjoyment. This is often the case here in Asheville NC. And more good news is, our Asheville bed and breakfast is less than one mile from all the Downtown theater venues. Here's three theater offerings going on this Father's Day weekend:

1. Asheville Community Theater (ACT) at 35 E. Walnut Street presents "The Dixie Swim Club" tonight Friday and Saturday, at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 2:30 pm. It's about five former college swim team members who spend a weekend together who have a lot to 'catch up' on and lots of opportunities to comment on each others loves...(You can just imagine...!) (828) 254-1320.

2. The Altamont Theater at 18 Church Street presents "Prime Ribbing". It promises to be a funny and tough political musical satire. Truly fun. Friday at 8 pm and Saturday at 2:30 pm and 8 pm(828) 270-7747.

3. Southern Appalachian Repertory Theater (SART) is presenting "The First Baptist of Ivy Gap" . (828) 689-1239

Happy Father's Day all you Dads! Hope your weekend is terrific!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Welcomes a Farmer's Market to Our Montford Neighborhood!

Wow! We are so fortunate here in Asheville, NC to have a number of farmers "Tail-Gate" markets in the area. Some take place on weekends and others are during the week. And the newest of these markets will start next week on June 22nd, in the parking area of the Asheville Chamber/ Visitors Center...just blocks from our Asheville bed and breakfast.

"Fresh", "organic", "grass-fed" and other terms apply to the participants in these tail-gate markets. More and more local sources of quality food are appearing in our area, while others have been here for many years. And more and more people are finding that the care and vigilance that is applied to the purity in the production of our food is important to them.

We, at this Asheville bed and breakfast, agree that our food is an important issue in our lives. Whether it's 'gourmet' or 'home-style' meals, the quality and healthfulness of the ingredients are critical. That's why, at Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast, most of the ingredients in your breakfast are organic and many are locally produced. We think you'll feel better and you'll feel better about what you eat! And since food is one of the great joys of life, we are very happy to share that with you!

Come and check out the Montford Tail-Gate Market on Wednesdays from 2pm to 6pm starting on June 22nd. Our Asheville bed and breakfast believes you'll be glad you did!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Finds Asheville Full of Weekend Events!

Well, Asheville is very ready to celebrate with you this Father's Day weekend! This Asheville bed and breakfast is smiling once more with the fun that's lined up for you.

You can start off after your arrival on Friday with "Downtown After Five". Free, and very much like a block party, this series of musical events happen once each month, on the third Friday of the month...and the one lined up for June is this Friday, June 17th. It's just a 'hop, skip and a jump' from our Asheville bed and breakfast to Downtown where you'll find the the music and the party going on along North Lexington Avenue. And afterwards, you can wander Downtown to find a splendid meal at one of the many fun and fabulous eateries here in Asheville.

And for Sunday, Father's Day from 1-5pm, you won't want to miss the benefit Garden Tour, this year featuring gardens in the Kenilworth neighborhood. You can pick up your garden map at the Kenilworth Presbyterian Church and start your walking tour of more than a dozen gardens. Among them are a couple of outstanding gardens: The late horticulturist Doan Ogden's 6.5 acre property now belonging to the expert hands of John Cram and partner. It's a true treasure and includes what is said to be one of the finest moss gardens in the country.

The Kenilworth Tour also includes the garden of renowned garden writer Peter Loewer, who will be on hand to answer questions about the plants and the design of the gardens. Other artists and homeowners in the neighborhood will also be opening their gadens for what promises to be a feast for the senses and a learning experience for all. And Dad's on the Tour will get a boutonniere for the Father's Day occasion! Tickets are $25 per couple and $15 per single person.

So, yet another fun weekend awaits you here in Asheville...and of course, a stay at our Asheville bed and breakfast will put you exactly where you need to be to relax, and to get to the events you choose! See you soon!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Agrees, "What Is So Rare As a Day In June?...."

In 1848 the poet James Russel Lowell wrote,"...What is so rare as a day in June? The, if ever, come perfect days..." That famous quote is part of the poem "The Vision of Sir Launfal". At our Asheville bed and breakfast, we surely agree that if ever there were a perfect day, it would very likely be in June.

And those "rare" and "perfect days", very naturally, beckon us to step outside to enjoy the outdoors. And when we do, in June you will find the Asheville bed and breakfast garden filled with not only lovely flowers but heady scents. And partly that's because in June the lavender blooms.

Now as a dyed-in-the wool Anglophile, I also love lavender because it reminds me of some of the fabulous old gardens in England where I have seen it and smelled it. It also reminds me of some of the late-19th and early-20th century British garden designers like Gertrude Jekyll and Harold Peto who used lavender in their plans for its textural foliage, its bloom colors and, of course, for its scent.

Lavender, afterall, you would expect to have flowers that are, well, lavender. But, the color spectrum includes darker purple, lighter lavender, pink and even some white. I favor, not surprisingly, the ones most often used by those late-19th century English gardeners.
So at our Asheville bed and breakfast gardens, you'll see the varieties used by Gertrude Jekyll.

But, even when the blooms fade, the foliage holds that wonderful scent that is most noted for its ability to relax you. That's why you'll find perfumes, soaps, bath grains and oils all infused with lavender. And, some people favor adding it to foods and beverages, as well. But truth be told, all you need to do is walk past it and rub your hands on it. Ah, such a fragrance! So, come and enjoy it on some of those fabled"rare" and "perfect days'" that are here in June!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Looks Forward to River Arts District Sudio Stroll

Twice a year from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, The River Arts District studios are open for viewing and demonstrations of the artists. And the first of those is this weekend, June 11th and 12th! Just minutes drive from our Asheville bed and breakfast, or by way of the Grayline Trolley, the River Arts District holds many unique experiences of the vibrant world of art.

More than 150 artists are part of the River Arts District's more than 20 buildings that are located beside the French Broad River. Covering all mediums, these artists produce high-quality art and crafts that are well worth your attention. And the galleries, show spaces and active studios are intermingled with a variety of casual eateries including12 Bones Smokehouse, the White Duck Taco Shop, the Clingman Cafe, the Roots Cafe, Nourish& Flourish and the Wedge Brewing Company micro-brewery.

So come visit our Asheville bed and breakfast this weekend, and plan to visit the River Arts District Studio Stroll. We look forward to you visit!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Agrees, " No Price is Set on The Lavish Summer..."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Reminds That Asheville Tourists Baseball Club Has Fireworks on June 3rd!

The Summer weather is here and what do you think of when the weather is warm? Why, it's BASEBALL, of course! And our Asheville bed and breakfast is always happy to see the Asheville "Tourists" Baseball Club at historic McCormick Field. You may remember from the film "Bull Durham" that Asheville's McCormick Field is where the character played by Kevin Costner had hit his 247th career home run! The field, originally dating from 1924, has been recently renovated and it looks great.

Yes, Asheville has a Minor League baseball team...actually a "farm team" for the Colorado Rockies. And do you know why Minor League baseball is great? Because anything can happen!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to see a 95-mph fastball from the on-deck circle? And when was the last time you saw an inside-the-ballpark home run? Well, "sports fans", this is the place for you! Terrific seats, low price and a laugh or two with the Asheville "Tourists" Baseball Club mascot, "Teddy Tourist".
Well this Friday, June 3rd is very special at the "Tourists". Not only will there be a night game but immediately after there will be fireworks! This is the first of five games this season that will will feature fireworks after the game! What a great combination: America's sport of baseball and fireworks, too!

The next dates for baseball and fireworks are Monday, July 4th, Tuesday, July 5th, Friday, July 22nd and Friday, August 5th. So book your dates at our Asheville bed and breakfast and get ready for the fun.

You'll be humming "...Buy me some peanuts and CrackerJacks, I won't care if we never get back..." as you enjoy Asheville, baseball and fireworks. A great Summertime combination!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Gets Ready For Weekend Events

If, for one minute, you thought that the spectrum of interesting and fun events that are part of the Asheville event 'landscape' is not the broadest possible, then let's just look at a few events scheduled for this weekend, June 2nd-5th! And, since our Asheville bed and breakfast is located in the Montford Historic District, just on the northern side of Downtown Asheville, when you stay with us, you're also conveniently situated to experience all that Asheville has to offer.

1.The weekend events kick-off on Thursday and Friday evenings with the Asheville Ballet Conservatory presents the ballet Coppelia.

2. Friday evening from 5-8pm, is the Downtown Gallery Association Art Walk that includes over 20 galleries and offerings of music all around. And it's free!

3. Friday evening, Abbey Road Live!, a review about who else but the Beatles comes to town!

4. The 4th Annual Sculpture for the Garden starts with a reception at the Grovewood Gallery, located next to the Grove Park Inn, from 11am to 3pm on Saturday, June 4th. The work of more than a dozen artists' outdoor works will be represented.

5. The Beer City Festival on Saturday will showcase the many breweries represented and some food to match. A ticket is $40.

6. Saturday is also designated Clay Day at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Asheville. As this area is particularly known for its talented artisans, clay artists will be demonstrating their amazing skills. Free.

So I promised you a sampling of the wonderfully broad array of events that are located near to our Asheville bed and breakfast. Are you convinced yet? I expect you are! So I hope we'll see you here in Asheville this weekend, too.