Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Happy Father's Day From This Asheville Bed and Breakfast!

Yes, today's the day. Father's Day. The day when, at our Asheville bed and breakfast, and across the country, we honor the Dads in our lives. If you're lucky, this is the day when you give a hug, a slap on the back to the guy who has been your "Rock of Gibralter" when you really needed it. If you're far away and can't deliver that hug in person then a call or a note will be gratefully received, you can be sure. And if your Dad is no longer with us, then remembering him is a great thing, too.

And yes, I did mention Dads in the plural. That's because you don't necessarily have to have sired a child to be an extra-special provider, protector, comforter, baseball-buddy, teach-you-how- to-drive-a-stick-shift kind of other words, perform the many varied roles of a "Dad". We salute all of you 'surrogate' Dads, too. You've made a huge difference in a child's life!

And not to forget the women...mothers, grandmothers, aunts and dear friends who are often called upon to fill the roles of a Dad, as well. Not always wished for, but always undertaken, these women have stepped up to the plate when a child needs it.

Happy Father's Day from our Asheville bed and breakfast...we especially salute all of you today and hope you enjoy your special day!

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