Saturday, August 20, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast ServesUp Lovely and Organic Breakfast!

Today I spent part of the morning at one of the more than one dozen tail-gate markets that are near our Asheville bed and breakfast. Participating farmers, bakers and candy-makers set up under small tents with a central aisle for people (and their pets) to walk. Lots of friendly conversation was going on; sellers, buyers and just folks enjoying the time together.

It was a warm summer morning and lots of local families and visitors were wandering up and down the tented facilities. We saw fresh cut flowers. Plant growers had herbs for sale while others had shrubs and some unusual varieties of iris. Meats and cheeses from the farmers that produce them were on display. Many varieties of tomatoes, including heirloom varieties tempted us. Information and photos about the produce was posted by some sellers, so the experience was also educational.

The guests at our Asheville bed and breakfast will find that tomorrow's breakfast, served elegantly on crystal and china as we do everyday, is also enhanced by some of the fruit that came from the local orchard. They will see fresh-cut flowers in the Dining Room...varieties that are not growing in our English gardens here at the Inn, but add a bright splash of color to the house.
They will have some country ham that comes from a local farm that raises hogs and beef, sheep and poultry sustainably.

Add to all that our regular ingredients that always include local organic dairy products, organic eggs and other organic fruits and you'll get the flavor of what breakfast is all about at our Asheville bed and breakfast. It's about healthy, organic and very elegant. It's about friendly and relaxed and it's about you!

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