Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast Invites You To Enjoy Fall in Asheville

In each season , in and around Asheville and always near our Asheville bed and breakfast, there are days, or sometimes weeks when you would like to "bottle" the day and save it forever. Well, today was just such a day. And we're due for more of them.  The mountains of green around Asheville are turning yellow and orange. They look like a tapestry with colors blending in and standing out. The sky was bright blue with a few clouds floating by. The sun felt warm on my face. The temperature registered  70 degrees on our back porch. Ah yes, a perfect Fall day!

 If you know Asheville, even a little, you'll know that you don't have to leave Asheville to see the mountains and Fall color. All around town, as you stop at an intersection or park your car, you're very likely to see mountains.And the lovely thing about that is you can see miles and miles from many locations around town.  Just today on my way back to the Inn from doing some errands, I came west on route I-240. Between exits 6 and 5, I could see more that 20 miles out to Mt Pisgah (where George Vanderbilt had a hunting lodge in the stands out because it has a radio tower on the top). Glorious!

    I hope you'll have an opportunity to visit Asheville...and of course, our Asheville bed and breakfast! The views, and the weather willing, are just wonderful in October! y'all come!

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