Thursday, October 20, 2011

Asheville Bed and Breakfast is Smiling at the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

Yes, lucky us!  If you're coming to Asheville this weekend, you're in for a treat.  Just a few blocks from this Asheville bed and breakfast, at the Asheville Civic Center, is the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands from today through Sunday.

  If you want to see the very best of "hand-crafted", the members of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild will show it to you.  Coming from all over the South, these talented craftspeople gather twice a year in Asheville where the Guild is based.  The array of crafters is amazing. You'll see hand-made musical instruments...and people who know how to play them will be there to entertain you. Hand-made glass  is beautiful and the people who create it are a delight to talk to. Jewelry is as individual as the people who wear will not be disappointed if you look for a piece that seems to express you, too. Need a place to sit?  Chairs, benches and more wood working are there for your pleasure...Pottery?  Breathtaking talent.

    Need more encouragement? The weather forecast for is weekend is great.  The mountains around Asheville, and near our Asheville bed and breakfast , have been transformed  by the Fall leaves into an exquisite tapestry. And of course Asheville has all of its food and wines and breweries that make this area a "happening" place at all times!  I hope I'll see you there!


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