Sunday, October 2, 2011

Asheville Celebrates with "Guys and Dolls" Through Next Weekend

 Did you know that Nathan Detroit has come to Asheville?  Detroit in Asheville? Yes! And right near our Asheville bed and breakfast.  Especially if you know that Nathan Detroit (a gambler and life-long-avoider-of-marriage) is one of the many memorable characters  in the musical "Guys and Dolls" With one of the most fabulous Broadway musical scores ever created by Frank Loesser, "Guys and Dolls" will steal your heart and make you smile.

  So while you're watching this Asheville Community Theatre production, and maybe also tapping your toes... or briefly wondering whether you too could do that particular dance move...the story of some very lovable gamblers ( involving the 'famous floating crap-game in New York..') and some very dedicated soul-savers unfolds.  Naturally, as in the good-old-days, the good guys eventually win...and some guys who never would have thought about trying it, even sign-on to become good guys. A lovely story of a bet, of  love ('Your eyes are the eyes of a woman in love...') and the satisfaction of (at least occasionally) doing the right thing at the right time ('Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down your rockin' the boat...')

   So remember, you have through next weekend to take in "Guys and Dolls":  Friday and Saturday, October 7th and 8th at 7:30pm at A.C.T. in Downtown Asheville and Sunday October 9th at 2:30 pm.

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