Friday, August 26, 2016

Nick's Notes, 8.26.2016--A Familiar Face in a New Role at Abbington Green

A Familiar Face in a New Role at Abbington Green

Many of you know about my retail background as a Regional Vice President at Williams-Sonoma.  During that time I supervised 70 stores and worked with an amazing group of District Managers. We were a great team!

One of them was Carey.  We only worked together a short time before Carey and her husband, Robert, were married and moved to Munich, Germany for his job. Steve and I went to visit them and Carey showed us all around---we visited Munich, Prague, Vienna and Salzburg.

When we purchased Abbington Green in 2014, Carey and Robert had just moved back to the US. Carey came to help several times--unpacking boxes, helping with guests, working in the kitchen, decorating for Christmas, and giving Amber some love.

Carey started working on some Social Media projects for me to ease my work load.  She was a huge help to allow me to focus on all the updates going on at the Inn.

In January, 2016, Steve and I took a wonderful vacation, a cruise.  Carey and Robert came to Asheville to watch the Inn and spend time with Amber.  We closed the Inn, but left huge lists for Carey and the team to work on.  The team loved working together, and it was great to come back to a completed checklist.

Carey and I had been talking for a while about the possibility of working together again at Abbington Green. Robert enjoyed Asheville while he was here and they even found a house that they could rent.

We continued to talk about the role Carey would play at the Inn and soon decided that it was the right thing for all of us.  Things fell into place quickly and in June, Carey and Robert moved here to Asheville!

Carey has now taken on the role as our General Manager which allows me more time to focus on additional initiatives here at the Inn. We have some big plans for 2017...and with Carey added to the team, more of my dreams will become reality.

So Carey and I are back to working together again.  It seems like just yesterday that we were working together at Williams-Sonoma.  We compliment each other and guests love her already.  I love my new partner at Abbington Green.  Come visit and meet her soon!

All the best,

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  1. Sounds perfect! Joe and I hope to return for a visit - we fell in love with the warmth of Abbington..