Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top Ten Lists and Doing What You Love--Carey's Turn at the Blog

Top Ten Lists and Doing What You Love--Carey's Turn at the Blog

Not so long ago, when I traveled back and forth from up North to visit Abbington Green and pitch in a little help in decorating for the winter holidays and such, I was lucky enough to meet a guest staying at the Inn and “his lovely wife” as he jokingly asked us to refer to her during their stay in order to gain some husband points…

At that time, the idea of coming to Asheville to work at Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn hadn’t yet been hatched.  Somehow, though, the guests had a premonition that I’d be here permanently and wrote out this list, David Letterman Top Ten style, to influence a decision to come and work at the Inn should the opportunity arise.

I have been carrying this list, written in their handwriting, around with me since last year November:  

Top 10 Reasons Carey Should Move to Asheville…(and work at the Inn)

10.  Husband can work from anywhere
  9.  Shop small, also = work small
  8.  Clearly you are a hostess at heart
  7.  Embrace your inner decorator
  6.  The view from the front porch at Abbington Green B&B Inn
  5.  Free breakfast
  4.  Puppy love from Lady Amber Abbington whenever you need a fix
  3.  Mild winters and cool summers
  2.  Guests love you
And the #1 reason to move to Asheville and work at the Inn…Never miss an opportunity to work with someone you love.

So…that is just what we did. Our lease in Connecticut came to a close and we moved to Asheville this past June.  We love it here and we’ve never looked back.
We are still exploring and learning about the area. It is always fun for me to hear about what the guests are up to during their day as it gives me great ideas of things to do on my days off. We have a list of restaurants (really, it is the one that Nick sends out to our guests that are his favorites) that we have been exploring and my husband and I have no trouble hopping in the car and taking off to see the sights from the Blue Ridge Parkway, visiting an orchard or two, or picking an interesting named place (like Bat Cave) and pointing our car in that direction.
We have always loved taking drives, and living in Asheville has certainly given us inspiration to get in the car and go!  
Beauty surrounds you here in Asheville. It catches me by surprise every now and again. The mountains, beautiful sunsets, getting to see a black bear in the mountains…it is all a part of the Asheville experience. In addition, the great restaurants, shops, donut shops and ice cream joints will keep me busy exploring for a long time.  Not to forget the Biltmore Estate and its beautiful grounds…we have season passes now and popping over for an afternoon is in our plans.
Abbington Green is also such a pretty place to get to come to work in every day. This historic house is one of a kind, and getting to see our guests appreciate it is very rewarding. As I type this, there is a lively 5pm Social Hour taking place on the grand front porch of the Inn. Conversations are easy, wine is flowing and friendships are being forged. It is terrific.
We have big plans coming up in the coming months for the Inn. We’ve started decorating all of the rooms but the dining room (which stays firmly rooted in Autumn/Thanksgiving) for the winter  holidays—to match the Biltmore’s holiday decorating schedule. I can’t wait to see what design Nick has planned for us to implement…as it changes each year.  This will be my third time getting to decorate the Inn for the holidays, but my first full holiday season at Abbington Green!  We’ll also be cooking and hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with and for the guests of the Inn…

As far as plans for next year, we’ve been hard at work updating the Abbington Green website, www.abbingtongreen.com , to better reflect the updates and improvements that have been made to the Inn.  I have gotten the chance to be a part of some terrific initiatives at Abbington Green:  such as having fresh flowers in each guest room, and our work with Clean the World to create new soap bars from our gently used soap that our guests leave behind.  We send them to Orlando to be boiled down and reshaped in to new soap bars that are then distributed to the people of developing countries to help curb dysentery. We also have plans for a new on-site spa to offer services and treatments that will enhance our guests experience even more! Stay tuned for details....

It is an exciting time to be at the Inn and to be in Asheville. I'm honored to work with this wonderful team and I look forward to having the chance to meet you and have you stay with us!



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